House Rules & Guidelines

Important information for all residents

To keep Karinya a safe place there are rules that all residents need to follow;


Karinya is a confidential location therefore the address is not to be given out  to anyone,  this includes friends and family. Information regarding other residents is to be kept private, no personal details are to be given out for example any names of people staying at Karinya.


Violence will not be tolerated at Karinya. This includes violence to any of the residents or workers either on or off Karinya’s premises. The definition of violence is broad and includes any form of physical and verbal violence, abusive language, sexual abuse and offensive gesturing.


There are to be no drugs, drug apparatus or alcohol consumed or kept on Karinya premises.


All residents must be respectful of other people’s property. If there is a suspicion of, or a report of theft, the workers reserve the right to inspect all  personal belongings.

Health & Safety:

Please keep your room clean and remove all clothes from shared areas. You must not share personal items including razors and tooth brushes. 

Workers at Karinya will encourage you to think about your personal goals. These can be goals like finding a place to live, arranging income, returning to education/training or looking for work. When you work with your Transitional Support Worker you can then develop a plan of how you can work toward reaching them. With your consent a copy of this plan will be kept in your file.

As a government funded organisation Karinya is required to keep statistics on the number of people who use this service. No personal information is passed on to any other agency unless you give consent. Any information you give us is treated as confidential. However, some information may legally be required to be notified to the appropriate Authority under “duty of care” and mandatory reporting requirements.